Mar 2, 2011 - Hump a Latte Day    3 Comments

Hump A Latte Day

Hey all!!!  So yesterday I got all four wisdom teeth removed, and I am in a bit of pain right now.  I am taking pain killers but it’s not working to well :(.  My face is a bit swollen but not as bad as I thought it would be thank God! As for my diet, it consists of  anything mushy.  I am not going to lie I am kind of enjoying baby food and ice cream for dinner and hey maybe I will lose a few pounds lol.  Other than that I hope to be speaking normally soon because currently I sound like Ozzy Osbourne.

On another note last Wednesday I decided to come up with a day to help everyone get through the Wednesday work day better known as Hump Day.  From this day forward I am declaring Wednesday Hump a Latte day.  (Hump for hump day = Wednesday’s.) Now if you decide to go along with this is up to you but every Wednesday morning before I go into work I grab a latte at Starbucks and when the barista asks me for my name I come up with an alter ego. Last week I named myself Kim.  Unfortunately I couldn’t do it today cause I am stuck at home but I look forward to coming up with a new name for next Wednesday.  I know this is random and a bit crazy I suppose but it gives me something to look forward to every Wednesday morning.  I have heard some people have started doing this already and I am glad I have inspired them, but for those who have yet to try this I highly recommend it.  I just hope the barista’s don’t catch on and think I am a complete looney haha.

Well hope everyone has a Happy Hump a Latte Day!!! Let me know if any of you try this!


  • Haha, I’m one of those you’ve inspired! thanks and I’ll keep you updated. I hope you feel better hilda!

  • or should I say, Kim?

  • lol thanks Jack!!!

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