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East Coast Castle

After my Marie Antoinette inspiration yesterday I figured I would share this location with you.  This is a 28 room stone castle overlooking the Hudson River. Situated on an acre of land, the gardens feature stone pathways, a vine-covered gazebo, Italian Renaissance marble benches, and a monumental French Neoclassical fountain.  It is available for film, photo and video shoots.  For rates and more information contact me!


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Rat Alarm

This NYC Rat has no shame.  As for the man sleeping, that is definitely not a pleasant way to wake up from a nap lol.

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Safari Disco

Although I do not understand a word from Yelle’s new song titled, “Safari Disco Club,” I must say it is pretty catchy.The album is set for a release here in the U.S. on March 29th. Hope you guys like it as much as I do.  🙂