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On Set “Greg’s Guardian Angel”

Check out some shots I took while on set of this comedy short called “Greg’s Guardian Angel.” It’s about a man who’s incompetent guardian angel ends up ruining this life.

I Did the scouting for this scene, and the office that fit best was my families real estate office.

Creepy NJ – Abandoned Home

I saw “The Woman in Black” this past Saturday and couldn’t help but notice the house used in the film.  The movie was filmed in the UK, and one of the locations used in the production is the Layer Marney Tower.

The next day I came across this abandoned home not to far from me.  I had to stop and take some snapshots.  Enjoy.

Cave Cafe

Hope everyone is enjoying this snow day! It is definitely not my kind of weather. Just makes want to stay in and hibernate like a bear.  Which brings me to this location, which is a cafe I used to go to often.

The interior is as though you have entered a mystical cave, which is unlike any cafe I have ever been to. The walls not only look like cave walls but also have Greek inspired figures emerging from them.  There is nothing like enjoying a romantic night out or even quality time with a friend in a private cave booth.

This location is available for film/photography.  Shoot me an email if you have any questions regarding rates and location.


Warehouse Photo Shoot

This warehouse is so versatile.  It’s a creative space that can be used to shoot horror / drama and even fashion.  Message me for rental information.

Dance Moms!

I am beyond excited for the Season 2 premiere of Dance Moms tonight @ 9 pm on Lifetime!  I’m still kicking myself for not coming up with this show concept. I am looking forward to my sisters dance competition this weekend in NYC.  Really wish Abby Lee Miller’s studio would attend this one.  I’ll keep you posted if she does.

Enjoy this interview with Fox that she did about the show. Abby Lee Miller interview

I know I recently posted a dance space location but in honor of dance moms the location of the day of course has to be a dance studio.  This one is in NYC and available to rent for film/commercial/and photography.  Message me for booking information.

There are many different rooms available but these are my two personal favorites and the best for filming sound wise and space wise.


Brick Wall Cafe


Happy Saturday!  Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend.  Came across this local cafe.  Really like the ambiance of this location with the brick walls and natural lighting.  Feel free to contact me to book this location for a shoot.


xo -Hilda

Dance to express, not to impress

Happy Hump Day 🙂

I was reminiscing on my past 18 years of dance.  I miss dancing my heart out day to day at the studio, and the dance competitions we would work so hard for.  However, I still incorporate the art of dance in my life whether it be choreographing, or taking a class from time to time.

So today I would like to share a beautiful dance studio I came across in Manhattan.  I scouted this place for a dance film.

xo -Hilda

“Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

Alter Ego Latte inspired by “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” Holly Golighty.

Wake up in style. With the “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” inspired eye mask worn by Audrey Hepburn. Handmade from leather with gold ribbon detail. Adjustable elastic for comfort. Available on

 Silk mask available at a more affordable price on



To complete the look don’t forget the tassel earplugs which can be purchased on

Shut out noisy neighbors all night while looking good, and feeling great! 


Location of the Day

Apartment used in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”


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Cookie Talk

Location of the Day

With all this cookie talk I figured this would be the ideal location to feature today. This location is perfect for cooking shows, commercials, and photography.  The color scheme, and atmosphere gives the image of a picture perfect meal or treat being prepared.

The kitchen includes a  • Prep area • Viking 6 burner range top • Cook tops: 4 burner gas and 4 burner electric • Sub Zero refrigerator • Bosch dishwasher • GE Profile wall mount stove.

With the holidays right around the corner I have been doing some early shopping.  I came across this mug which makes having cookies and milk a whole new experience.

Face Mug : $18.00 on

Found a recipe which will make the face mug gift complete. Homemade Oreos!  <<<— Recipe