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“Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

Alter Ego Latte inspired by “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” Holly Golighty.

Wake up in style. With the “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” inspired eye mask worn by Audrey Hepburn. Handmade from leather with gold ribbon detail. Adjustable elastic for comfort. Available on

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Location of the Day

Apartment used in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”


Hump Day Epiphany

I am a little late in the day on this post but Happy Hump Day!  As I do every Wednesday I grab a latte from Starbucks with an alter ego name.  Shout out to Britney Medich who is following through with the trend. 🙂  Today I went with the name Tiff the name originates from Greece and “Tifinie” is used in Old French to mean “Epiphany.”  I guess you can say I had an Epiphany this week and decided that this name would be appropriate for today’s latte.

Today’s featured location is located in Central Jersey.  Reminds me of Boardwalk Empire. Contact me for more info.


xo Hilda

Hump Day Latte Inspiration

Happy Hump Day!

Yes it’s “hump-a-latte day” and my alter ego today is Marie (in memory of Marie Antoinette whose birthday is actually today.

I intend to do something that is Marie inspired.  I’m thinking I might go shoe shopping later today.

A little fact: It was against etiquette (the rules of Versailles) for Marie Antoinette to wear the same pair of shoes twice.

Share your alter ego latte.  Fun way to get through the work day.  🙂

Mar 2, 2011 - Hump a Latte Day    3 Comments

Hump A Latte Day

Hey all!!!  So yesterday I got all four wisdom teeth removed, and I am in a bit of pain right now.  I am taking pain killers but it’s not working to well :(.  My face is a bit swollen but not as bad as I thought it would be thank God! As for my diet, it consists of  anything mushy.  I am not going to lie I am kind of enjoying baby food and ice cream for dinner and hey maybe I will lose a few pounds lol.  Other than that I hope to be speaking normally soon because currently I sound like Ozzy Osbourne.

On another note last Wednesday I decided to come up with a day to help everyone get through the Wednesday work day better known as Hump Day.  From this day forward I am declaring Wednesday Hump a Latte day.  (Hump for hump day = Wednesday’s.) Now if you decide to go along with this is up to you but every Wednesday morning before I go into work I grab a latte at Starbucks and when the barista asks me for my name I come up with an alter ego. Last week I named myself Kim.  Unfortunately I couldn’t do it today cause I am stuck at home but I look forward to coming up with a new name for next Wednesday.  I know this is random and a bit crazy I suppose but it gives me something to look forward to every Wednesday morning.  I have heard some people have started doing this already and I am glad I have inspired them, but for those who have yet to try this I highly recommend it.  I just hope the barista’s don’t catch on and think I am a complete looney haha.

Well hope everyone has a Happy Hump a Latte Day!!! Let me know if any of you try this!