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Cave Cafe

Hope everyone is enjoying this snow day! It is definitely not my kind of weather. Just makes want to stay in and hibernate like a bear.  Which brings me to this location, which is a cafe I used to go to often.

The interior is as though you have entered a mystical cave, which is unlike any cafe I have ever been to. The walls not only look like cave walls but also have Greek inspired figures emerging from them.  There is nothing like enjoying a romantic night out or even quality time with a friend in a private cave booth.

This location is available for film/photography.  Shoot me an email if you have any questions regarding rates and location.


Brick Wall Cafe


Happy Saturday!  Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend.  Came across this local cafe.  Really like the ambiance of this location with the brick walls and natural lighting.  Feel free to contact me to book this location for a shoot.


xo -Hilda

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Cookie Talk

Location of the Day

With all this cookie talk I figured this would be the ideal location to feature today. This location is perfect for cooking shows, commercials, and photography.  The color scheme, and atmosphere gives the image of a picture perfect meal or treat being prepared.

The kitchen includes a  • Prep area • Viking 6 burner range top • Cook tops: 4 burner gas and 4 burner electric • Sub Zero refrigerator • Bosch dishwasher • GE Profile wall mount stove.

With the holidays right around the corner I have been doing some early shopping.  I came across this mug which makes having cookies and milk a whole new experience.

Face Mug : $18.00 on

Found a recipe which will make the face mug gift complete. Homemade Oreos!  <<<— Recipe